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Personalized, Unique, Eco-Friendly Kenya Safaris For Solo Travelers and Small Groups to Top Kenya Safari Parks and Game Reserves For Unforgettable Wildlife Viewing and Local Communities That Offer Real African Cultural Experiences. Our African Safari in Kenya is Affordable and Offers Great Value For Money.

Our Kenya safari tours/Kenya safaris offer unforgettable authentic African safari in Kenya experiences for any traveler. We arrange wonderful Wildlife African Safaris in Kenya that take you to one of the best African safari countries because it contains some of the best spots for African adventure tours. Together with you, we can tailor your affordable private African safari in Kenya to the best Kenya safari destinations, that will offer you the ultimate African safari memories!

This iconic country sometimes referred to as the “Pride of Africa” stands up to this slogan because of the rich and abundant Kenya safari tour destinations that the country offers to travelers near and far. It is no surprise that the destination is known as the birthplace of all tour travels to East Africa.

The wild ambiance of the only national parks (for example Amboseli National Park, Nairobi National Park, Tsavo East NP, and Lake Nakuru), wildlife reserves (with the most famous being Masai Mara Game Reserve), and breathtaking marine parks is a true African wonder and has proven to be a paradise for photographers.

More so, this country is a dwelling for different sanctuaries and an animal orphanage thus showing how the country treasures the protection of wildlife.

There are 23 terrestrial national parks and 28 terrestrial national reserves. Additionally, the country also has 4 marine national parks, 6 marine national reserves, and 4 sanctuaries.

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) is in charge of these protected areas which sit on about 8% of the country’s land to conserve the country’s wildlife and nature.

There are also some UNESCO world heritage sites in the country which include Mount Kenya NP (named after Mount Kenya, the second African Mountain after Mount Kilimanjaro), Mijikenda Kaya Forests, and Lake Turkana National Park.

The country has a large diversity of African wildlife in these nationally protected areas including the big five animals of Africa. Other wildlife in the country embraces Giraffes, Cheetahs, Impalas, Gazelles, Waterbucks, and Masai Giraffes among others.

The awe-inspiring great migration between the Masai Mara Game Reserve and Serengeti National Park is a breathtaking sight to behold! Over 1.3 million Wildebeests, 18,000 Eland Antelopes, and over 200,000 Zebras, travel across the Masai Mara and Serengeti areas every year to look for food.

Additionally, this country hosts over 1090 bird species that you can tour during your safari to Kenya tours.

The country likewise has a rich culture with Kiswahili and English being the official languages spoken widely. With over 40 ethnic groups, it is no wonder that you will experience the amazing cultures of the Kenyan people.

Whether you wish to have a budget, midrange, or luxury safari in Kenya, this destination is the best place for every safari-goer.

For your African Kenya safari, you can also visit other countries of East Africa like Uganda and Rwanda by easily purchasing an East African tourist visa that allows you passage into all three countries. Hence you will experience the unique combination of a wildlife adventure and trekking the endangered Mountain Gorillas.

Discover the pride of Africa today by planning your Safari in Kenya tour and booking with the best tour operator who will take care of all your travels in this amazing destination.

May 31, 2023
3-day trop in Murchison’s Falls We had a wonderful week-end in Murchison’s Falls. It was very well organized, the accommodation was great and our guide Jerome was amazing! Thanks a lot
J Rojer P
J Rojer P
May 25, 2023
Superior service, amazing wildlife Our adventure started months prior talking with Cate who answered all our questions and kept us informed every step of the way. Our guide Ananias was the key to our successful enjoyment of the trip. He was very considerate and accommodated our requests and last minute preferences. He was crucial in talking to other local guides, hotels and excursion staff and ensuring we had an optimal experience. We had many amazing and memorable moments that might not have been possible without him. We highly recommend Uganda in general and Ananias in particular. J&L
Leilah Rachelle
Leilah Rachelle
May 25, 2023
Exceptional experience and guide The company, tour and more importantly our guide Ananias were exceptional. What a wonderful introduction to Uganda. The wildlife, the accommodations and food were all outstanding!!!! Ananias was patient, kind, supportive and easy to get along with. Uganda is called the “Pearl of Africa” but really it was Ananias who is the “Pearl of Africa” in my eyes. I will be recommending this tour and company to all of my friends who wish to come to Africa. Thank-you a million times over:)
Diabira J
Diabira J
May 22, 2023
Amazing experiance! Excellent 3-day Safari with our amazing tour guide Jerome. The lodge, amazing service! The experience is unforgettable. Mother nature also blessed us by showing us all her mysteries and wonders! (Our tour guide Jerome was also very good at spotting them! 😉 )
Vincent r
Vincent r
May 14, 2023
Super trip Very nice trip, warm welcome, transport was on time and safe.Our guide, Jerome, was very nice, kind of his time and knowledge.We saw many many animals in their natural habitat. A superb trip
Franz Opitz
Franz Opitz
April 20, 2023
Reliable and professional safari company with great staff This was our second safari with this company and they did not disappoint. Our guide Brian Tuhaise was excellent and frequently went the extra mile to make this trip a huge success. The booking process, payment and advice we received was flawless. The lodges recommended by the company were perfect places. All in all, a resounding experience.
Isabelle M
Isabelle M
April 5, 2023
Amazing tour, 100% recommend Amazing experience! We had a 3 days safari with Jerome, the best guide! We’ve seen all the animals : elephants, girafs, buffalos, even the lion! The tour was amazing, with plenty of time to observe nature and animals. Wonderful experience I will never forget.
Siem v
Siem v
April 4, 2023
Once in a lifetime The Murchison Falls are beautiful! Together with Prime Safari, we have enjoyed two beautiful days. Our guide Jerome made our trip a once in a lifetime. His character and knowledge were outstanding.
Marie-Hélène P
Marie-Hélène P
March 25, 2023
Un safari exceptionnel Nous avons fait un safari de 3 jours durant une fin de semaine c’était incroyable. Notre guide Jerom a été vraiment super et nous a donné plein d’information intéressante ! Nous avons vu un nombre incroyable d’animaux : Antilopes de toutes sortes, buffles, éléphants, girafes a quelques mètres de nous, hyènes, lions, hippopotames, oiseaux… et aussi de magnifiques paysages. Tout était très bien organisé ! L’hotel avec vue sur le Nil était très luxueux et la nourriture excellente. Demandez pour Jerom pour une expérience inoubliable !
Eve L
Eve L
March 23, 2023
Unforgettable stay at Murchison Falls We spent 3 unforgettable days in Murchison Falls conversation area with our guide Jerome. Everything was above and beyond our expectations. Jerome is extremely pleasant, knowledgeable. The Lodge and the food were amazing, and we saw so many animals up close from our open top bus! Also the logistics were on point, organizing the weekend with Cate was a breeze. Highly recommended!


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Kenya Attractions | Best Kenya Safari Tourist Destinations

Kenya National Parks | Best Kenya Safari Tourist Destinations

This destination boasts both terrestrial and marine national parks, wildlife reserves, and sanctuaries that protect the amazing wildlife of the country

Wildlife Safaris In Kenya

With rich wildlife, this country is a remarkable destination for your world-class wildlife safaris in Africa. The country has over 400 mammal species, with about 22 that are endemic to the country.

With all the big five of Africa and numerous other herbivores and carnivores, the pride of Africa is a must-visit destination for your wildlife tours.

Some of the African animals to see in these destinations include the big five like Lions, Leopards, Cape Buffaloes, Elephants, and Rhinos. There are more so both the black and white Rhino in the country which will give you a memorable wildlife experience.

Other animals include the Masai Mara Wildebeests, Antelopes, Zebras, Masai Giraffes, and Cheetahs. More still, the Tsavo National Parks are famous for keeping big cats such as man-eating Lions.

Birding Safaris In Kenya

There are over 1090 species of birds varying from water birds to savannah birds, forest birds and so much more in the country.

Due to the peculiar biomes of Kenya’s protected areas that provide habitat to these different birds, there is no doubt that the country is an ideal destination for your birding tours, especially with Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha arguably being among the very best. The country is therefore a good place to do your birding safaris and below are the most ideal destinations where you can do your birding trips.

Additionally, this beautiful country also welcomes migratory birds that come from the Palearctic region and other intra-Africa regions from around November to April. The Palearctic migrants in particular arrive in September and stay until around April

Common birds to see while on your Kenya safari include

Bateleur Eagle, Vultures, Vulturine Guinea fowl, African ox-pecker, Secretary bird, Weavers, Ostriches, Broad-ringed White-eye, Flamingoes in Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha park, Kori Bustard, African Fish Eagle, Pelicans, Yellow-throated longclaw, Starlings, Long Crested Eagle

Adventure Tours As You Visit Kenya

Adventure tours are experiences that involve a tourist taking on challenging and risky explorations. This tourist destination offers various places where to do adventurous safaris including

  • Mountain hiking for example on Mount Kenya, the second highest African peak after Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain in Tanzania, and the Aberdare Mountain which makes up the central highlands. The walking safari on the Aberdare ranges is particularly a great opportunity for touring coffee plantations
  • White water rafting at River Tana.
  • Swimming in a waterfall in Sirikoi
  • Horse riding at Laikipia
  • Safaricom Marathon
  • Hot air balloon adventures at Masai Mara and Tsavo East National Park

Also, great water sports endpoints like Diani Beach will allow you to enjoy scuba diving, kayaking, kitesurfing, windsurfing, and so much more

Kenyan Cultural Tours

The cultural tours will allow you to have an amazing cultural experience where you will be able to experience the cultures of the Kenyans in terms of their indigenous tribes, festivals, dances, music, marriage ceremonies, food, way of life, and history

Among the cultural adventures, you can experience the best by visiting the following people and tribes during your tours.

  1. Visiting the Masai people of the Loita plains in Narok where you will get to see a typical Maasai warrior and other groups in the tribe. The Maasai warriors usually keep the animals safe from predators and attacks from other tribes.
  2. You can also visit the Samburu people who are close relatives of the Maasai.
  3. Discover, through a walking safari the Islamic culture in Lamu Island, the oldest Kenyan town along the coast of the country near the Indian Ocean. The Lamu old town is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  4. You can also visit the Luo-speaking people who live in Kisumu and Nyanza provinces near Lake Victoria.
  5. Likewise, you can also visit the Turkana and the El Molo people who are pastoralists like the Massai.
  6. The Kamba people in Machakos can also be visited during your tours.
  7. There are also the elders of the Mijikenda Kaya forests that you can visit. These elders live in one of the oldest villages that were built in the sixteenth century. They are devoted to keeping the values and cultural practices of their tribe.
  8. The Bomas in the country will allow you to experience different cultures in one place if you do not get the time to visit the other tribes one by one.
  9. The Nairobi National Museum is also another destination to experience when you visit Kenya’s cultures and ways. With lots of cultural artefacts and the history of the country, you will have a lot to experience.

Kenya Beach Holidays

Beach holidays are another type of the best Kenya safari tours to experience. This is a country that is at the shorelands of the Indian Ocean and hence presents a lot of beaches at her shores.

Through the many beaches by the Indian Ocean, travellers have the opportunity for beach safaris like exploring Diani Beach. Also, it has enabled the country to establish some marine parks where tourists can adventure through their holidays

Safari Activities In Kenya/What Things To See On A Kenya Safari Tour?

There are various safari activities that you can do in this beautiful country and they include;

  • Game drives in the different national parks; various savannah parks support game drives for the game viewing of special animals in the country.

Examples of such parks with game drives as part of their offers include Maasai Mara Game Reserve, Amboseli National Park, Tsavo East National Park, and Tsavo West Park. Other captivating places to do game drives in the favourable safari vehicle are Samburu Reserve, Meru Park, and Lake Nakuru National Park.

Amboseli National Park and Tsavo West will give you great sights of Mount Kilimanjaro since they lie below it.

  • Watch the Masai Mara great migration at Masai Mara Reserve.
  • Mountain hiking and rock climbing especially on the famed Mt Kenya

Other special safari activities that you can do while on your Kenya safari include

Birding, Cycling at the Great Rift Valley, Do a walking safari, Boating in different lakes like Lake Naivasha, Bungee Jumping, Hot air ballooning, Scuba diving, Camel riding, Horseback safaris, Mountain biking, Snorkeling in marine parks near the Indian Ocean, Jet skiing, Windsurfing, Paragliding, Quad biking, River rafting and Windsurfing

Kenya Safaris To Masai Mara Game Reserve

Masai Mara Game Reserve is a magnificent tourist destination with wide spreading acacia dotted plains that protect thousands of wildlife. The Masai Mara Reserve has the highest concentration of animals in the Kenyan territory.

It gets its name from the Maasai residents, a pastoral community who migrated from the Nile Basin.

Found in the South Western part of the country, this reserve is 1,510 square kilometres and is famous for accommodating more than two million Wildebeests, Antelopes, and Zebras that form the famed great migration to and from Serengeti Park in Tanzania.

Likewise, you will find numerous other wildlife in the Masai Mara reserve for example the Cape Buffalo, Rhinos, Crocodiles, Giraffes, Elephants, and more than 450 bird species.

What Is The Great Migration And When Is The Best Time To See It In Masai Mara National Reserve?

The great migration is one of Africa’s major attractions in which over 1.4 million wildebeests and hundred thousands of Antelopes and Zebras are on a spiral move between Serengeti National Park in Tanzania (South) and Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya (North).

This annual wildebeest migration occurs in different patterns that may involve violent dramatic and fast moves, others are slow and gentle but watching the experience is surely mind-blowing and striking. Among all the game-viewing experiences, the Great Migration is an uplifting adventure for your safari tour. However, it is important to note that before booking a tour to watch this remarkable scene, the experience is not a guaranteed adventure at any moment of the year. Nonetheless, sometimes tourists witness the game viewing of this migration even out of the expected high season for watching them. This is because the animals leave Serengeti as soon as the grasses start to dry and they return as soon as possible for them.

Tourists may either wait for the migrating animals to come to them depending on where they are waiting from or decide to track where they have gone.

The Great Migration In The Different Seasons Of The Year

Below, we look at what to expect in the different seasons so that you can be able to plan for your Masai Mara safari tour accordingly

December to April

In this season, the Wildebeests are present within the open short grassy plains in the South of Serengeti. Such a setting is advantageous to them as predators find little covering as they try to seek out a target amongst the Wildebeests.

The nutritious soils made up of volcanic ash provide very healthy milk to the thousands of Wildebeests that are born every year. More so, the calves are usually born in February and March so this is a more favorable time for those interested in seeing newborns.

You will be able to see numerous wildebeests spread from the Moru Kopjes of Central Serengeti to the Southern slopes where there is the Ngorongoro crater.

May to June

This is the season that marks the beginning of the great migration because the grasses dry out due to the end of the rains and the beginning of the dry season.

The animals will take different routes as some will go north while others head west before connecting to the North.

Many of the animals will travel through Seronera, Lobo, and Loliondo while those who travel through the Western Corridor will go through River Grumeti before they can connect northwards.

July to September

These are conventionally known to be the best months to witness the Great Migration of the Wildebeests, Antelopes, and Zebras.

From July to August, the animals cross the Mara River in large numbers to the Masai Mara Game Reserve. The Mara River crossing moment is undeniably the most sought-after of this great migration by tourists.

October to November

This is also a great season to view the great migration as the animals begin to move southwards to Tanzania.

During this season, game viewing in both Masai Mara and Serengeti is great. Depending on the rainy season, some animals will remain behind while others will cross over or even re-cross back.

Luxury Kenya Safari And Wildlife Experiences

Great luxury Kenya safari tours and world-class wildlife experiences are adventures to remember for a lifetime! This classic safari is because of the rich unique animals living on the vast matchless plains of the parks.

Additionally, the professional and trustworthy tour operators will also make your luxury Kenya safaris very memorable by booking the best accommodation and providing the best safari vehicle for classic safari game viewing while on game drives.

On a luxury Kenya safari, you will relax and spend your wild nights in luxurious accommodations and the cost of your trip will likewise include all meals.

Also, you will participate in the most sought-after activities in the Masai Mara Reserve, especially on a hot air balloon to watch the thousands of different wildlife on the breathtaking extensive plains.

However, you may pay extra money for some special tour activities in Masai Mara and other destinations or if you need to have a private guide and a safari vehicle for game drives during your luxury Kenya safari game viewing.

Ways To Experience Luxury Travel To Kenya

The phrase “luxury Kenya safaris” says it all. It is an experience where you enjoy great comfort and less involvement in preparing for your travels.

Usually, those who are for a luxury safari use a tour operator to organize their trips to the various destinations and take care of every detail.

Below are the top 3 different ways in which you can experience a luxury safari to the beautiful pride of Africa.

  1. Choose the right tour operator

A good tour operator who has been organizing for a long time will give you the best experience during your travels. Their long experiences and expertise in doing things will work for you well enough to experience a memorable luxury safari.

  1. Use a luxury means of transport

Your tour operator can help to book for you air transport within the destinations that you are going to. There are air transport services that can transport you to different tourist destinations and your professional tour operator can recommend for you the best service and safari vehicle for the game drives.

  1. Travel with loved ones

Another way to experience a luxury safari is to enjoy it with friends and family. They will make the tour more memorable and even cheaper if they can contribute to their part of the tour

From July to August, the animals cross the Mara River in large numbers to the Masai Mara Game Reserve. The Mara River crossing moment is undeniably the most sought-after of this great migration by tourists.

  1. Choose high-end accommodation instead of budget-tented camps.

Tented camps are usually used by budget travellers so choosing a resort or any other luxury tour accommodation will enable you to enjoy a world-class luxury safari. However, there are also various tented camps for accommodation if you wish to spend your time in one.


Frequently Asked Questions About Kenya Safaris

Which Is The Best Safari In Kenya? | What Is The Most Popular Safari In Kenya?

This wild country is best for wildlife safaris as the many parks offer the rare opportunity for game viewing the most sought-after animals of Africa in unmeasured abundance. You will find her a rich land for game viewing of both terrestrial and marine animals However, you can also visit this destination to experience the unique cultures and also do a birding tour

What Are The Big 5 In Kenya Safari Tour? | What Are The Big Five In Africa?

The big five in Kenya safari tours were the most sought-after animals among those who hunted for sport. This is because they were considered to be the most dangerous and difficult animals to shoot on foot. These five African animals are the Lion, Leopard, Cape Buffalo, Elephant, and Rhino. The country is currently a great sight for game viewing during your tours. Rhinos in particular are famous at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, a famous Rhino sanctuary that is among the best private conservancies in the country. This conservancy is a Rhino sanctuary for the largest number of the endangered Black Rhino species in East Africa. It is also a sanctuary to the only remaining northern white Rhinos in the world

How Many Days Do You Need For Kenya Safari Tour? | How Many Days Are Enough For Kenya? | How Many Days Should I Spend In Kenya?

A more fulfilling trip to the pride of Africa should take you two weeks. This way, you will be able to have a better overview and knowledge about cultures, beaches, and Kenyan major wildlife destinations like the Maasai Mara Reserve, Samburu Reserve, and Tsavo East Park

Why Is Kenya Safari So Expensive? | Is Kenya Cheap For Tourists?

Kenya safari tours are not as expensive as many people think and also not as cheap as others expect them to be. Depending on how you plan for the tour experience you would like to have, you can have an experience that provides value for money. However, some of the extra charges may make your tour a bit expensive. Some of them are park entrance fees, accommodation options for the tourist, extra tour activities, and the means of transport used, especially a high-end safari vehicle. However, there are various ways to do Kenya safari tours on a budget. Some of them are sleeping in a budget lodge or tented camps on a Kenya camping safari, visiting in the low season, and doing self-travel without using a tour operator.

Is Kenya Good For Tourists?
Do I Need A Visa To Visit Kenya?

Even though some countries do not require a visa to enter the country, others like Canadian passport holders need it. They will need an electronic tourist visa before going to visit the country. Additionally, you need to have a passport that is at least valid for 6 months and also be vaccinated against yellow fever

How Much Does A Family Safari Cost In Kenya?

A family trip will cost between USD 2000 to USD 10,000

Is Kenya a cheap place to visit?

With the right preparation and planning, it is a fairly budget destination to visit. This is because you can arrive there directly using an airplane and it is not a very big country that would take a lot of fuel while driving to the different tourist destinations. Additionally, many tour operators offer budget safaris to travelers on their journey to this amazing country in Africa

Is It Safe To Go On Safari In Kenya | Is Kenya Safari Safe?

Yes, it is safe to visit the country during your African tours. However, it is important to take note of minor incidents like robbery, kidnapping, and generally high levels of crimes.

Is Kenya Or Uganda Better For Safari?

Generally, a Kenyan safari is better than a Uganda tour. It is easier to spot thousands of wildlife, including wild cats and the big five in the former than in the latter during your East African safari. Additionally, the destinations offer more lodges than the ones in Uganda, hence making it quite a more expensive place for a tour than Uganda. Visit the Maasai Mara and the Tsavo East and Tsavo West parks for amazing experiences. Uganda however has better primate experiences than Kenya

How Far Is Nairobi To Masai Mara?

Nairobi is about 270km away from Masai Mara on the South East of the reserve. Ready to plan your Kenya safari tour? Let us help you arrange a fascinating adventure to the pride of Africa, the birthplace of safaris to East Africa. You will explore the rich wildlife, the beautiful plains on which they live, and the extensive cultures they have. Book your safari today!

Best Time For Safari In Kenya | What Months Are Best For Kenya Safari Tour? | Which Month Is Best For Safari In Kenya? | What Is The Best Time To Visit Kenya? | What Are The Best Months To Visit Kenya?

The dry seasons of around June to October and January to February are the best months to visit Kenya. This is more so a favourable period to have an unforgettable game viewing experience of the Great Migrations of thousands of wildebeests crossing between Serengeti Park in Tanzania and Masai Mara Reserve in Nairobi. Additionally, the dry seasons will give you the ease of seeing wildlife within the thin vegetation, and make the tracks dry for a safari vehicle on game drives while game viewing

Kenya Safari Budget | How Much Would A Safari In Kenya Cost? | How Much Does A Safari Cost In Kenya? | How Much Does It Cost To Tour Safari In Kenya? | How Much Does A Kenya Trip Cost?

A common inquiry to Kenya safari tours is “How much is a safari trip to Kenya?” The cost of an East African safari to the pride of Africa depends on several factors like the tour package being sold, the number of people coming for the trip, and the accommodation that the guests choose to have. Depending on these aspects, your tour budget will cost approximately $200 to $10,000

How much is a 7 day safari in Kenya?/ How much is a week safari in Kenya?
What Are The Best Places To Visit In Kenya?

Where To Go For A Safari In Kenya There are several Kenyan safari places where you can go for an African adventure and some of them include terrestrial and marine national parks, different wildlife reserves, and sanctuaries. The Masai Mara annual wildebeest migration makes it among the best destinations in the country

How Much Is Entry To Nairobi Safari Walk?

The entry fee to Nairobi NP is categorized as follows

RESIDENT OF EAST AFRICA Ksh 400 Ksh 215 Ksh 215

East Africa Safari Destinations

Gorilla Safari Tours

Gorilla trekking in Africa or gorilla tours in Africa in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo. Are you looking for amazing Gorilla safaris in Africa?, we have taken the time and compiled for you a list of the most popular Uganda gorilla tours to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park & Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Rwanda gorilla tours to Volcanoes National Park and gorilla trekking in Congo tours to Virunga National Park & Kahuzi Biega National Park from which you can choose your best gorilla trekking in Africa safari tours for a memorable gorilla trekking adventure trip of a lifetime. These Africa gorilla trekking safari trips are what most travellers have undertaken in their respective countries and have been highly recommended as must-dos offering the best Africa safari experience with value for money.

Please note that ALL these Africa Gorilla Tours or Africa Gorilla Safari packages to different countries can be tailored-made to suit your special personal needs and interests, time of travel and budget.

Combined East African Safari Packages