Samburu, Buffalo Springs & Shaba National Reserve

Samburu, Buffalo Springs and Shaba National Reserve

Northern Kenya is endowed with various popular tourist safari destinations that are rich in diversity and distinctive semi-arid wildlife population.

Escaping from the traffic jam, noise bustles and hustles of Nairobi town on your leisurely drive towards Isiolo town is such a breathtaking and a rewarding safari exploring the adventure experience showcased by the Northern Kenya Game Reserves. The drive is such long but the charm and leisure it rewards makes is shorter than imagined, traversing through the Thika Highway past the ramshackle markets, towns and villages to the astonishing scenery of the rugged ranges of Mount Kenya is such an incredible experience and penetrate into the plantations of the Kenyan people past the Aberdares into the local villages of Kenya.

Samburu, Buffalo Springs and Shaba National Reserve

Samburu, Buffalo Springs and Shaba National Reserve

Make a stopover en route for a cup of coffee in Nanyuki town before proceeding to the equator where the earth divides into two (South pole and North pole) starting from Nanyuki town, the area becomes drier with almost no green as you approach the more typical dusty town of Isiolo. Next to Isiolo town is a sparsely populated area that connects you to a good Marram road that will drive non-stop to Buffalo springs game reserve.

Now if you thought of carrying a jacket of any warm cloth, here is always summertime! The temperatures are ever high, you will see the white murram road glittering on your way Ewaso Nyiro river. The banks of Nyiro river are lined with Doum palms giving a cool relief to the herds of elephants that seek refuge in the small tree shades along the river shores.  Make a stop alongside the herd of Beisa Oryx and you gaze at the open plains stretching before you with their decorative thorns that appear like scimitar and dune colored hides blending to form a beautiful scenery of landscape. Drive further in this semi-arid area to the springs where the Game reserve derives its name. the spring waters take you back to the lush green grass along the shores which feeds wildlife such as impalas and wildebeests. Explore the long-necked giraffes al they sprawl their fore legs and bend their extended necks to quench their thirst from the only life-giving water available. On a lucky day, along the springs you can be able to explore the hunting lions and other predators chasing prey. Proceed with the game drive past the savanna plains, a good spotting area for cheetahs as you get rid of Buffalo springs into Kalama Community conservancy through the bridge that which connects Ewaso River, Buffalo springs and Samburu National Reserve. You will be able to meet the Turkana semi-nomadic pastoralists and many other distinctive tribes of Northern Kenya. Arrive Samburu National reserve through the sole river that thrives the lives of all the available wildlife. While in Samburu National Reserve, you will be able explore a variety of wildlife such as gerenuks, zebras, leopards, buffalos among others and prolific birdlife including the Somali Ostriches-the world`s largest bird and the vulturine guineafowl, Kenya violet-backed sunbirds.

Shaba National Reserve.

Shaba National Reserve.

Shaba National Reserve.

Shaba is a small National reserve where Joy Adamson-a naturalist, artist and author lived and dies while she was documenting the release of Penny- a leopard she had reared and then released back into the wild. The landscape of Shaba National Reserve is mainly hilly with white dazzling flat areas and sparse vegetation interspersed by powdery sand. The scenery of the reserve is charmingly plain and isolated to offer you a breathtaking moment as you drive through the palpable remoteness. En route you will be entertained by birdsongs tweeting into your ears and the views of wildlife along the way to the numerous swamps where herds of buffalo graze on juicy grass. proceed with a hike to the summit of Turkana hill to experience the 3600 views of the whole area including the vies of Mount Kenya from a distance.

The topography of the three game reserves of Shaba, Buffalo Springs and Samburu and Kalama Conservancy is such amazing, surprising and distinct worth visiting and memorable offering a true adventurous experience.

Hot to get to Samburu, Shaba, Buffalo Springs and Kalama Conservancy

A leisurely drive takes approximately 6 hrs. from Nairobi, the journey seems to be tedious but most educational and rewarding with good sightseeing en route.

You can also fly from Wilson airport in Nairobi on one of the scheduled flights to any of the 3 airstrips available in the area. A light can also connect you with other prominent safari destinations such as Masai Mara, Meru National park, and Lewa down to enhance your safari experience in Kenya.


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