Mount Longonot National Park Kenya

Mount Longonot National Park In Kenya

Mount Longonot National Park In Kenya map

Mount Longonot National Park In Kenya map

Mount Longonot is an extinct pillar like volcano located in the great rift valley. Mount Longonot National Park is about 90km from Nairobi, Kenya`s capital city- south east of lake Naivasha these mountain eruptions are said to have happened in 1860`s. To the Maasai local people, Maasai comes from oloonong`ot which means “mountains of many spurs” or “steep ridges.

Mount Longonot National Park is just 52 and is protected by Kenya Wildlife Service. The landscape has an elevation 2,776m above sea level. Besides mountain Longonot are V-shaped valleys and ridges with little vegetation.

In the crater of mountain Longonot is a thick forest. The views of the crater rim offer impressive views across the beautiful Rift Valley en route to Lake Naivasha. Some of the wildlife attractions in Mount Longonot National Park include lion, buffaloes, bushbucks, giraffe and Grant’s gazelles, common zebra, elands, Thomson gazelles among others. Leopards have also been recorded in the park.

Brief facts About Mount Longonot National Park Kenya

Location: Kenya
Mountain type: Stratovolcano
Coordinates: 0°54′55″S 36°27′25″E
Area: 2,776 m (9,108 ft)
Last Eruption: 1863 ± 5 years

Tourist Activities and Attractions in Mount Longonot National Park | What to see and do in Mount Longonot National Park

There are numerous safari attractions and activities in Aberdare national park and they include the following.

crater rim of Mount Longonot

The crater rim of Mount Longonot; The geothermal steam rising from several fissures around the crater rim, a memory of the power encircled below your feet.

Scenery in Mount Longonot National

Scenery in Mount Longonot National; Observing the volcano from the rim is very impressive!  Experience the views of birds over a large section of the beautiful southern Rift Valley, you can also see Mount Kenya and the Aberdare Mountains from a distance. Explore the views of lake Naivasha and the Hell’s Gate National Park, which can also be added on a visit to Mount Longonot.

Wildlife in Mount Longonot National Park.

Wildlife in Mount Longonot National Park; Animals sometimes spread from the entrance of the park up to the rim, if you enter the forested crater, try to observe gild animals such as Buffalo, Giraffe, Zebra, Antelopes and Baboons.  Leopard are rare but on a lucky day you can spot them..

A good number of Rift Valley birds may be spotted like a host of raptors which can be seen catching the thermals over the crater. Specifically, look out for Verreaux’s Eagle and Lammergeier.

Mountain hiking at Mount Longonot

Mountain hiking at Mount Longonot; Enjoy a rewarding hike of mountain Longonot up to the breathtaking viewpoint on the rim of a volcano, this hike is possible in one hour.  From the park gate, the trail is about a 3.1km to the crater rim. However, you don’t have to overlook at this short hike, it is short yes, but challenging!  You will be required to climb a steep rocky volcano!

While at the peak on the rim, trek the borders of the caldera about more 7.2km as you enjoy the impressive views of the whole area. It is recommended to start in a counter-clockwise direction to experience the impressive views and a rewarding hike to the peak. The whole hiking activity takes about 4 to 5 hours, including resting stops.

Game viewing in Mount Longonot National Park

Game viewing in Mount Longonot National Park; A better way to explore the wild life in this park is by hiking up to the forest in the crater where most animals live. Numerous species of birds can easily be seen including Verreaux’s Eagle, and the Lammergeier among others, even at the base of a crater rim.

Cycling in Mount Longonot National Park-Kenya

Cycling in Mount Longonot National Park-Kenya; Hire a bike around the park to enjoy bicycle riding on the circuit road towards the volcanic lava flow about 2km. Bikes are available for hire. Have fun!

Accessibility to Mount Longonot National Park

How to Get to Mount Longonot National Park

Where to stay in Mount Longonot National Park

There is no accommodation inside the park, with the exception of the Olongoonot Campsite, which is situated just inside the park gates, along the access road to the crater.  The campsite provides just the basics – place to pitch a tent, a toilet and running water.  You will have to bring everything you need with you.

However, a wide range of accommodations options are available in Naivasha Town and along Moi South Lake Road. Some nearby accommodation facilities include;

Lake Naivasha Country Club

Lake Naivasha Country Club in Naivasha Town near Mount Longonot National Park Kenya; The lake Naivasha Country club borrows its name from the lake as you can see it sparkling in the sun thousands of feet below from the top of the escarpment of the Great Rift Valley. Just an hours’ drive from Nairobi, it offers a variety of activities to please both active and leisure travelers.

Lake Naivasha Country Club became famous in the 1930s as a staging post for Imperial Airways’ flying boat service from Durban to London. The Old Colonial architecture is solid and comfortable with accommodation in rooms and cottage set in 12 hectares of green lawns shaded by mature acacias and spreading fever trees. The guest rooms are elegant and cool. The residents lounge has large bay windows. The bar is cosy and adjoins an immaculately equipped snooker room.

Masada Hotel in Naivasha Town

Masada Hotel in Naivasha Town near Mount Longonot National Park Kenya; Masada is the name for a site of ancient palaces and fortifications in Southern District of Israel, on top of an isolated rock plateau, or horst, on the eastern edge of the Judaean Desert, overlooking the Dead Sea. As the name suggests Masada Resort is a fortress of relaxation.
Situated on the Naivasha South road, 500 meters off the Mai Mahiu – Naivasha Highway, Masada Hotel is the getaway destination you have been waiting for.

Facilities at Masada Hotel in Naivasha near Mount Longonot National Park-Kenya

  • Accommodation
  • Conference Halls & Meeting Rooms
  • Swimming Pool
  • Bar and Restaurant
  • Gardens for outdoor activities


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