What comes to your mind when you think of making a Kenya safari? Do you picture yourself in the endless savanna plains with countless wild animals around? If you have such a vivid picture in mind for your Kenya safari tour, you aren’t entirely wrong because any Kenya safari is based on giving you magical wildlife encounters. However, mama nginathis is also about to change as Kenya is steadily branding itself as not only a destination which gives epic Kenya safari wildlife encounters but also as a destination of choice for recreational tourism. Word reaching our desk is that President Uhuru Kenyatta has officially opened Mama Ngina Waterfront Park that was redeveloped at the cost of Sh460 million. The iconic seaside public park reopened its doors to the public earlier when it hosted this year’s Mashujaa Day celebrations that were led by President Kenyatta. Other senior government officials who accompanied the president on the official opening ceremony included Deputy President William Ruto, First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, Former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka and other senior Government dignitaries including Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala and Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho accompanied the President during the official opening ceremony.

What is Magina Ngina?

Sitting on 26 acres overlooking the Kilindini Channel in Mombasa, Mama Ngina is a waterfront park that has now transformed Mombasa into not only a holiday and honeymoon destination but also into a recreational tourism hot spot. This park has undergone a complete refurbishment which included landscaping and paving the waterfront with concrete blocks, construction of a state-of-the-art amphitheatre, the Kilindini Cultural Centre, ablution blocks and two main gates leading to the park among other developments.

Tourists visiting the park will have a choice to treat themselves to cultural exhibitions, shopping, dining at open-air fresco restaurants and cafes or to relax at the breathtaking expansive site.

The project is designed to support a 24-hour economy and its layout includes a new jetty for water taxis. The Ministry of Tourism is already optimistic that the park will attract more local and foreign tourists to Mombasa, Kenya’s oldest town and the country’s second city.

President Kenyatta commissioned the construction of the park in January this year during which he expressed his expectation that the facility will help restore the glory of Mombasa as a top tourist destination in the region. The redevelopment that was undertaken by a local company, Suhufi Agencies, was completed in time to host the Mashujaa Day fete, which was held in Mombasa County as part of a rotational hosting of certain national celebrations by counties.

The mama Ngina waterfront park is here to give an extra choice of activity after your Kenya wildlife safaris. Many Africa wildlife safari enthusiasts who make safari in Kenya visit several of Kenya wildlife safari destinations such as Masai Mara National Reserve, Nairobi National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, Tsavo East National Park, Aberdares National Park and Amboseli National Park. A Kenya safari tour to any of these destinations is a great way to have yourself get lost into the tropical wilderness as you search for several of the Africa safari wild mammals such as all the 5 big africa game which include lions, African bush elephants, leopards, the stubborn cape buffaloes, and rhinos. Other wildlife animals that may encounter on a Kenya safaris experience include the tallest land mammals the giraffes, the Thomson’s and the grants gazalles plain zebras and many more. All safaris in Kenya are epic but a safari Kenya to Masai Mara national reserve stands out as its gives a chance to encounter the spectacle of the great wildebeest migration in which millions of animals particularly wildebeests and zebras go on a treacherous journey of over a thousand kilometers crossing from Masai Mara into Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. What makes this migration so thrilling for you to see is the way these animals plunge themselves one after the other into crocodile infested Mara river in which these hungry crocodiles gather from and wide to prey on these seemingly mad or frightened animals that have seem as if something has frightened them for them to decide to jump one after another into their own oblivion with no second thought whatsoever.

Since the Kenya grasslands are part of the great east African savanna grassland plains that extend into the east African countries of Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania as well, its not so shocking to have a similar wildlife encounter in these countries just like the one in Kenya. A Tanzania wildlife safari that completely mimics a Kenya safari experience takes you on a Tanzania safari journey to numerous Tanzania wildlife safaris destinations such as Lake Manyara National Park, Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Park and Serengeti National Park.

64629162_2422846067988170_8414748201755607040_nAll these parks are home to a wide range of spectacular amazing wildlife mammals such as the African big five and many others. However just like a visit to Masai Mara stands out on a Kenya safari, in Tanzania safari tour to Serengeti National Park should on top of your bucket list of destination to visit on your Africa wildlife safari adventure because Serengeti National park is the place where the great wildebeest migration begins and ends from hence a Tanzania tour to this park on top of a Kenya wildlife safari to Masai Mara gives you a chance to fully understand the why and how this migration occur

In Uganda, a Uganda wildlife safari to any of Uganda wildlife safaris destinations such as Queen Elizabeth national park Uganda, Murchison Falls National Park Uganda, Kidepo Valley National Park Uganda and Lake Mburo National Park Uganda. This Uganda safari tour experience gives you an enchanted opportunity to enjoy thrilling encounters with several of the 5 big Africa game which includes lions, leopards, cape buffaloes, African bush elephants and rhinos as well as a variety of other wild mammals. Finally, you can also make a Rwanda safari to Akagera National park.

Although Kenya is a good Africa safari destination, Uganda offers more to an all-round Africa wildlife safari visitor since Uganda is highly endowed with a wide biodiversity of wildlife and culture.

Let’s try to see why Uganda is special

BirdsMountElgonNationalParkUganda the land of birds– Uganda is one of the few countries that has a great diversity of bird species and it is highly revered as an Africa birding safari destination you should never miss on your birding trip to Africa, a Uganda bird watching safari to any of the 10national parks of Uganda such as Lake Mburo National Park Uganda, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Semuliki National Park Uganda, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Kidepo Valley National Park  gives chance to catch glimpses of several of the 1070 bird species that roam the skies of this beautiful pearl of Africa. a birding watching safari Uganda comes with an opportunity to encounter some of the iconic bird species such as the great blue turaco which can be seen on your Uganda tour to Kibale forest national park, the legendary shoebill stork can be spotted during your 1 day birding safari to Mambamba island or a birding excursion to Murchison falls National Park. Several of the Albertine rift endemic bird species that can be sighted on a Uganda birding tour include the Nkulengu rail.

Uganda the land of apes

To primatologists and any other person who is intrigued by these wild cousins of ours, Uganda isn’t only the Pearl of Africa as many of us know it to be but also is truly the home of primates and this is because Uganda is home to over 13 primate species a number that isn’t easily found elsewhere on the planet. Uganda still has more attractions your will encounter in case you decide to make a Uganda wildlife safari. After a really spectacular encounter with the gorillas, Uganda gives you an opportunity to meet another great ape species and this is the chimpanzee. With a safari Uganda to Kibale Forest National Park Uganda, you are assured for a memorable encounter with the chimpanzees that will definitely fascinate you with their high levels of intelligence. However, as you search for the chimpanzees in Kibale you have an opportunity to meet 12 other primate species and these include the black and white Colobus monkeys, the grey-cheeked Mangabeys, the l’hoest monkeys, the olive baboons, Vervet monkeys, red tailed monkeys, Pattas monkeys and many more. When you make your Uganda safari to this pearl of Africa, you will come to realize that chimpanzees are just a part of what really Uganda has to offer.  Are you on a search for mountain gorillas? If you’re then get your bags ready and make that Uganda safari tour because Uganda is home to these elusive mountain gorillas which are found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. These gentle giants in Uganda almost constitute half of the world’s gorilla population which is currently standing at around 1000 individuals.

64257177_2418098838462893_3044749230062174208_oHowever, gorilla trekking isn’t only done in Uganda but also in Congo and Rwanda. A Rwanda gorilla safari takes you to Volcanoes National Park which is home to 10 gorilla families that have been habituated to give you a fantastic Rwanda gorilla tour experience. A Congo gorilla safari experience, on the other hand, takes you either Virunga National Park where you have a chance to encounter Mountain gorillas as this park is home to 8 gorilla families or Kahuzi Biega National Park where you will be in for a thrilling moment with the eastern lowland gorillas Prime safaris and tours ltd has positioned itself as one of the best local travel companies that give you an amazing gorilla trekking Uganda experience or a Uganda wildlife safari as it has a wide range of safari packages to all wildlife destinations in Uganda /Rwanda /Kenya /Tanzania and Congo.

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