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Tsavo East National Park Kenya

Tsavo East National Park is one of the largest and oldest national parks in Kenya, the park covers an area of 1374 sq.km and it was established in 1948. Tsavo East national park is located in Taita-Taveta county of Kenya near Voi town, Approximately 173km in the northwest of Mombasa. Tsavo East is a portion of the once one park which was summed as Tsavo National Park. This park was split by the Nairobi to Mombasa highway and a railway line that traverses the area to form two National parks namely; Tsavo East and Tsavo west national park. The name Tsavo was named after the river which stretches from the Western Tsavo to the Eastern Tsavo national parks. Tsavo East National Park Boarders with River Athi-Kenya`s longest river, Chyulu hills National park, and Mkomazi game reserve in Tanzania.

Wildlife Safari in Tsavo East National Park

Wildlife Safaris

Epiya Chapeyu Bigi Tented Camp

Epiya Chapeyu Bigi Tented Camp

Birdlife in Tsavo East National Park

Birdlife in Tsavo East National Park

Lugard Falls in Tsavo East National Park

Lugard Falls

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Brief facts About  Tsavo East National Park Kenya

Location: Kenya
Coordinates: 2°46′43″S 38°46′18″E
Area: 13,747 km2 (5,308 sq mi)
Established: 1948
Governing body: Kenya Wildlife Service

The landscape of Tsavo National park (East & West) is one of the biodiversity strongholds of the world featuring jagged savanna hills, semi-arid grasslands, known for inhabiting a wide diversity of wildlife. Such as the famous African big five namely Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Buffaloes, and Rhinos and so many other wild game like giraffes, gazelles, hartebeests, Zebras, a least to mention.  Tsavo East is also home to over 500 species of birds including the sacred ibis, black kite, lovebird and crowned crane, among other species. Tsavo East National park is a flat area with thorny bushes, dry plains and swampy mashes in areas around the river.  Most interesting is that Tsavo East national park is near the coastal beaches of Mombasa and Malindi and this makes the park ideal for leisure and safaris.

Tourist Activities and Attractions in Tsavo East National Park | What to see and do in Tsavo East National Park

Wildlife Safari in Tsavo East National Park

Wildlife Safari in Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo national park is perhaps the largest national park in Kenya featuring numerous uninterrupted homes of wild game available to meet one`s dream of experiencing wildlife. Tsavo East is the wild where wild cats can be found in harmony with herbivores like wildebeests, it is where birds can confidently perch near crocodiles. This seems unbelievable but true, because in animals, predators kill when they are hungry and the intention is to eat. So, whenever lions are satisfied, they can live in harmony with other animals and this is such an experience you would otherwise wish to enjoy. A diversity of wild game species to explore on a safari visit to Tsavo East National Park include; cheetahs, Cape buffalo, blue duikers, red duiker, bush duiker, African elephants, gazelles, eland, African hare, gerenuks, African wildcat, giraffes, caracal, bushbuck, striped hyena, Coke’s hartebeests, fringe-eared oryx, klipspringer, spotted hyena, East African hedgehog impalas, leopards, slender mongoose, lions, black faced vervet bush baby, black rhinoceros, squirrels, zebras, waterbucks, spectacled elephant shrew, clawless otter, ground pangolin, East African red squirrel, reedbuck, giant rat, naked mole rat, striped ground squirrel, serval, African hunting dog, Egyptian mongoose, lesser kudu dwarf and so many others.

Safari game drives in Tsavo East National park are most rewarding in the early morning hours or late in the day up to evening hours. In most cases, wild animals are at rest in the bright afternoon hiding in bush shrubs and spotting them may not be as easy as in the morning and evening when they are grazing and the predators are hunting.  Safari guides are most familiar with the behaviors of the wild game and they often know the tracks of most liked species like the big five as well as the park rules and regulations. It is therefore important to book with a safari company.

Nature Walking Safar Tsavo East National Park

Nature Walking Safari in Tsavo East National Park

A leisurely walk in Tsavo West national park offers an incredible wildlife experience that one would never forget. Exploring wild game of foot in the park is led by armed ranger guides who are capable of protection you from animal attacks and also lead you to most preferred animal tracks. Experience the diversity of flora and fauna in the park and the guides explain to you how they thrive in such an environment of hungry lions and isolated buffalos. An impressive trek to marvel the Yatta plateau which is the longest lava flow in the world, traverse the rugged volcanic cones and the Mzima springs that originate from the base of Chyulu Hills is such a very good experience you should never miss.

Search for Sabuk mountain, Mudanda Rock to provide for you the clear views of Monkeys swinging and playing from the vast acacia trees as you listen to the chants and breathtaking songs of birds squeaking from high palms.

Birdlife in Tsavo East National Park

Birdlife in Tsavo East National Park

A checklist of over 500 bird species have been recorded in Tsavo East national park and since the topography of this is flat and relatively dry, it offers impressive views of birds perching on short trees and shrubs. Among the species in this park include; golden-breasted starling, Guinea fowl, African finfoot, golden pipit and vulturine, African orange-bellied parrot, Golden pipit, Fischer’s starling, Black-faced sandgrouse, black-headed lapwing, Golden-breasted starling, Martial eagle, Pangani Longclaw, Lesser kestrel Northern brown bul, Rufous chatterer, Taita fiscal weaver birds, Slender-tailed nightjar, Eastern chanting goshawk, Shelley’s starling, Red-winged lark, Somali bee-eater, hornbills, Somali golden-breasted bunting, Taita falcon, kingfishers, secretary birds and herons. Tsavo east is also the most stronghold of the Somalia ostrich in the south. There are as well many other migrant species of birds from Europe from November to April.

Lugard Falls in Tsavo East National Park

Lugard Falls in Tsavo East National Park

Lugard falls are just about 60 km from Voi town on Galana river in Tsavo East National Park. The falls were named after the British colonialists Captain Fredrick Lugard who’s said to have visited the falls in the colonial days. Visit the Lugard falls to explore the narrow deep gorges that plunge into the galena river-second largest river in Kenya.  Lugard falls are rapid falls that flow through a small slopping gorge to river Galana. Visit the Lugard falls and experience the impressive rocky land scape around the area., while at Lugard falls, it’s possible to move out of the tour vehicle and enjoy a short rewarding walk around the falls in the park and experience beauty in the world.

Where to stay in Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East National Park is 97 miles from Malindi and 108 Miles from Mombasa. Most visitors to this park stay in accommodation facilities located in Malindi and Mombasa coastal towns because the distance from the park connecting to towns is short.

However, you can also stay in the park for an overnight of more. Below are some of the accommodation facilities within and very close to Tsavo East national park.

voi safari lodge Tsavo East National Park

Voi Safari Lodge

Voi Safari Lodge has since been in Tsavo East National Park for a longtime. It is nestled on a rocky hill featuring 52 en-suit standard rooms. The location of the lodge is strategic to provide clear views of many park areas and wildlife within the park. Voi Safari Lodge is one of the Kenya`s Safari Lodges and hotels chain. Voi safari lodge is about 160 km from Mombasa city.


Luxury/ Upmarket

Facilities and Amenities at Voi Safari Lodge

  • 52 en-suite standard rooms with airy bathrooms all African décor furnished
  • Spacious and well-equipped bar nestled at the terrace of the main building.
  • Spacious Conference center with 50 guests’ capacity in classroom style and 90 guests’ capacity in theatre style. And bedroom which can accommodate 90 guest’s bedroom style
  • Free WIFI all over
  • High rated Restaurant
Voi Wildlife Lodge Tsavo East National Park

Voi Wildlife Lodge

Voi Wildlife Lodge is set 5-minutes’ drive away from Tsavo East Airstrip which is in the park. The Lodge overlooks the great water hole where mammals frequently visit to drink water.

Amenities & Facilities at Voi wildlife Lodge

  • Voi Wildlife Lodge features 88 fully furnished en suite rooms: 24 luxury rooms, 48 superior rooms, 16 standard rooms,
  • Luxury rooms have two four-poster beds offer breathtaking clear views of wildlife right from the balcony or terrace.
  • All around Wi-Fi
  • Free car parking
  • A sitting and/or dining area
  • Restaurant & Bar
  • A kitchen equipped with oven in some units
  • outdoor pool & Playground
Epiya Chapeyu Bigi Tented Camp

Epiya Chapeyu Bigi Tented Camp.

Epiya Chapeyu Tented Safari Camp is in the center of the Tsavo East National Park on the shores of the Galana River overlooking Yatta plateau, Galana River, Doum Palms and Acacia trees.

It was built by Walter Bigi and his son Oscar who even run the Camp. It has the most strategic sites in the Tsavo East National Park and was once featured by the BBC. The camp is good for photographers.

Ranking: Budget

Amenities and Facilities at Epiya Chapeyu Biji Tented Camp

  • Veritable Italian Cuisine
  • Parking with security
  • HF radio call
  • Battery charging facilities for video cameras etc
  • mosquito coils & Torches
  • 18 en-suite safari tents
  • Bush Airstrip at 5 Km for light aircraft and flying doctors
  • Expert mechanics
  • Power generators for electricity supply
  • Tire repair facility
  • Elevated game-viewing platform with bar service
  • Room service for beverages
  • Riverfront dining deck and open BBQ lunch area
Satao Camp Tsavo East National Park-Kenya

Satao Camp

Satao Camp is nestled among Tamarind trees, adjacent to the busy watering hole. Satao is about 45kms from both Buchuma and Voi Gates in the park. The camp has 20 en-suite tents-built in a semi-circle to offer a front row view of the water hole.

Ranking: Budget

Amenities and Facilities at Satao Camp

  • 20 tents
  • Garden area
  • Spacious rooms
  • Comfortable living area

Accessibility to Tsavo East National Park

How to Get to Tsavo East National Park

How to get there

By road

The park has 3 main gates. From Mombasa, it’s about 153km to Voi main gate using Mombasa-Nairobi highway.

From Nairobi, it is about 233km southwards to Mtito Andei gate using the Nairobi-Mombasa highway.

From Malindi or the north cost, use the Sala gate in a leisurely drive.

All the roads are fine for a tour vehicle.

By Air

Tsavo East National Park has 6 air strips in the south of the park and 13 airstrips in the north and this makes flying to the park the easiest using scheduled domestic aircrafts and charter flights from Nairobi, Marindi, Mombasa and other major cities. Some of these airstrips include; Vio, Aruba, Satao, Sala, Ithumba, Sangayaya, Mopeo, Bachuma and Cattar.

By Railway

The railway line that connects from Nairobi to Mombasa traverse through Tsavo East National Park.

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