Where do gorillas sleep?

Gorillas which are encountered on gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda put up in nests which are built on the ground or trees in consideration of the variables like security and vegetation. Mountain gorillas build nests every evening regardless of whether the previous nest is very close. Every gorilla builds its own nest and it is only infants that are spared from putting up their nests as they sleep with their mothers. Gorillas settle in their nests approximately half an hour prior to the dark and it on rare occasions that gorillas build nets for midday rest.

The ground nests are built by pulling bush branches along with other plants into the middle followed by layering them and anchoring them to one another while other plants are also bent to create a nest rim. Whereas tree nests are constructed in forks of branches or related materials but whatever mode the nest has to be in position to carry the weight of mountain gorillas. Due to this, the females and young ones have an advantage in sleeping in trees in contrast to silverbacks.