What illnesses do gorillas suffer from?

Gorillas have closeness to humans in terms of DNA; Mountain Gorillas have higher chances of acquiring human contagious diseases. This shows that while on gorilla trekking encounter, the 7m minimum distance should be maintained. Additionally to note is that Mountain gorillas live in mountainous landscapes marked by cold climates and this puts them at risk of suffering from respiratory tract diseases especially Pneumonia which turn causes their death.
Mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga, Virunga and Volcanoes National Park do not easily suffer from teeth cavities. This is because mountain gorillas do not take plenty of fruit this they are spared from lots of sugar that would have fuelled this disease. However, Mountain gorillas have got bad tartar that causes Periodontitis leading to dissolving of Jaw bones culminating to loss of teeth. The Mountain gorillas have got parasites especially intestinal parasites (worms or Protozoans) that are common in humans.
Apart from parasites and infections, Mountain gorillas are prone to poachers’ snares and traps which put their legs and feet in danger. Sometimes they get hurt and acquire wounds which are prone to infections thus putting their lives at stake. Mountain gorillas just like humans can contract viral-diseases like Ebola.