What do Gorillas do all the day?

Gorillas are active for the most part of the day from 6am to 6pm. They normally do the same things every day in a followed order thus forming their daily routine.

Gorillas quit their nests early in the morning to embark on foraging. They forage for good consecutive hours and rest in the late midmorning or at midday. They embark on their foraging activity in the afternoon before settling down eventually for overnight. The gorillas are used to getting out of their nests at 6am though in times of rain and coldness they might delay a little.

It can be noted that Mountain gorillas spend approximately half of their day foraging while the resting time forms like a third of the day.
They take 6.5% of their time transferring from one location to the other and engage in social behavior for 3.6%. The social interaction of gorillas normally happens during the resting time explaining why midday resting period is considered to be very significant in the social life of a gorilla family. It is when gorillas interact with their companions and young gorillas play with no interruption.


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