Sites to visit in Mombasa while on a Kenya safari.

Kenya is a destination of many attractions beyond wildlife. Given that Kenya has a coastline it’s has a vibrant coaster tourism industry and Mombasa has taken the flagship of being Kenya’s prime coastal destination that is favoured by many Kenya safari goers especially on a Kenya honeymoon safari holiday. Mombasa has managed to take to be recognized as given the numerous unique attractions that are found in this city.

Let me give you some of the Mombasa highlight attractions to look out for while on a tour to this coastal town.

Heller Park

Created in 1971 by Dr Heller Park when he ingeniously managed to transform the deserted limestone quarries into a wonderful exotic marine park. Being a naturalist and agronomist, Dr Rene managed to artistically integrate a diverse range of wildlife into an ecosystem in which each living animal there had a role to play and did this by adding nutrients to the soil and also planted trees, added a fish farm, and created a wildlife park which is now a hit with animal lovers.

heller park mombasa


Other wildlife animals found here include giraffes, Cape buffalo, zebras, waterbucks, and hippos. However what made this park a favourite place to visit on Kenya tour was because of a famous interspecies couple that became an Internet sensation after the 130-year-old tortoise, Mzee, adopted Owen, an orphaned hippo. Birds are also abundant in the park. More than 160 species have been introduced to the area including weaver birds, cranes, pelicans, and storks.

Walking and cycling paths wind through the groves of casuarina, and a reptile park, palm garden, and crocodile pens are other attractions. A highlight is the giraffe feeding, but be sure to check the times before visiting. Nature trails lead to a butterfly pavilion.




Mombasa marine park

Mombasa Marine National Park is the most popular of the marine protected areas due to ease of accessibility and a favourite among Mombasa snorkelers and scuba divers due to its abundant marine life, beautiful blue water and spectacular coral reefs. The high number of north coast accommodations in Nyali and Bamburi draws in thousands of tourists from around the world.

mombasa marine park

As part of African Mecca’s seaside offerings, we organize marine life activities and boating trips into the park aboard a dive speedboat or a glass-bottomed boat. The Mombasa Park is one of the later gazetted marine parks in Kenya and is a combination of a national park, which covers almost 4 square miles (10 sq. km), and a national reserve, covering a little less than 80 square miles (200 sq. km).

Mombasa Marine Park is one of many that work together to preserve the fragile coral reef on the Kenyan coast that stretches for 143 miles (230 kilometres) along the shoreline. The reef plays an important role in the ocean ecosystem by providing safety and food to almost one million species of marine life.

The various colours, shapes and sizes of the coral are incredible and some of the species that you may see in the Indian Ocean are the brain coral, pavona coral, open-branched stag’s horn coral, Acropora coral and Favia coral.



Mombasa especially on its northern coast has qute several beaches that are buzzing with so many tourists given the number of coastal resorts and marinas that  are found here. If you’re into water sports activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling, this a great place to be given the crystal white sand beaches, clear waters and a variety of undersea marine life due to the presence of the coral reefs.

malindi beach kenya

Mombasa Marine National Park fringes the coast here, with multi-hued coral gardens, drop-offs, and Kenya’s best wreck diving on the MV Dania. Traveling north from Mombasa, Nyali Beach is the first stop. Shops and hotels line the beach here. Farther north, Bamburi Beach and Shanzu Beach are also tourist hubs with a wide range of accommodation, from luxury resorts to beach bungalows.

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