Destination Guide | Malindi

Malindi in a tropical town of Kenya located in the northern coast on the stretch of idyllic beaches with intriguing hideaways.

Malindi features new and old luxurious palm fringed beaches and resorts ready to meet your expectations. Malindi town is about 20 km away from Gede Ruins which were founded and flourished from the 12th century until the 17th century when the were abandoned. The ruins are enclosed by Africa`s largest coastal forest-the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest

The Vasco Da Gama Pillar of the Portuguese explorer and it is one of the oldest monuments that is remaining in Africa. Vasco Da Gama visited Malindi in 1498 and he was warmly welcomed by the Sultan of Malindi. In a way of appreciation, he built his pillar. This pillar contains an original cross that was made of Lisbon limestone.

The Vasco Da Gama pillar neighbors the oldest Christian Church in east Africa. There a small Portuguese Chapel of St Francis Xavier which was built in 1542. This church is surrounded by a very old cemetery.

On the sea boulevard near the jetty is the Malindi Museum which offers very interesting exhibitions in the history of Malindi. You can also fine craft shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs in the modern-day town center around.

Watamu Marine and Malindi parks were the first of a kind in the whole of Africa and they were established in 1968. These two marine parks combine with the various coral kingdoms and many fish species such as Butterfly, Angel, Trigger fishes and Surgeon.

You can also do scuba diving and snorkeling inside these fascinating reserve, or a hire a private boat for half a day or full day excursions.

How to get to Malindi

By air, you can fly to Malindi airport which is located about 2.5km away from Malindi Town along Mombasa road. The airport is line with breathtaking coconut plantations. The airport offers daily scheduled flights from Mombasa, Nairobi and Lamu. Private charters are also available. Pickups and drop-off airport taxis are available to.

You can also drive from Mombasa to Malindi in on a good tar road available. The distance is about 120 km.

What to do in Malindi

  • Visit the old town of the Gede ruins
  • Tan on the beach or by the pool
  • Diving snorkeling and Swimming, in the Malindi Marine Reserve
  • Deep sea fishing, boating, windsurfing and a wide array of water sports

The Experience

The key attraction of Malindi is the massive and fascinating white sandy beaches and the warm Azure tropical waters.

The hotels of Malindi provide various forms of watersports ranging from snorkeling, to windsurfing and paddle boating among others. you can as well visit the Malindi`s historical sites such as Malindi museum or do an excursion to the neighboring Gede Ruins.

Where to stay in Malindi

Ocean Beach Resort and Spa – this resort is so fascinating, it is set in the sandy dunes outside Malindi town, it is a good-looking facility featuring luxurious appointed suites overlooking the tropical plantations and the Indian ocean.  Enjoy the freshly caught sea food accompanied by freshening treatments and spa.

Diamonds Dream of Africa – this is an all-inclusive resort made of exotic Indo-Arabic architecture and Swahili charm and offers services that will satisfy your safari needs. Your guaranteed of comfortability here. The resort features two restaurants and two bars, a well-equipped gym, spar for rejuvenating and evening animation program.


The climate of Malindi is warm, hot and humid throughout the year. The temperatures really go below 200C and 300C maximum temperatures.  From October to November the rains are short and longer rains are from April to July.