Tips on how to enjoy a Kenya wildlife safari game drive – Kenya safari News

You may be interested in a Kenya wildlife safari tour on your next Africa safari holiday but you don’t know you will enjoy it. During your Kenya safari to a Kenya National game park of your choice, a game drive is one of the best safari activities to view wildlife in a park.

Game drives in the National Parks usually last between 3 to 4 hours depending on where the animals are that day and at that time. Game drives can be conducted in the morning, afternoon and at night for parks that have nocturnal animals.

How are game drives in Kenya done?

While in the park, your Kenya tour guide drives through the park trails and when he comes across a major sighting such as one of the so called Big Five, he spends a few minutes at the sighting before he proceeds. Usually two and not more than three vehicles are allowed at a sighting at any one time. The guide normally tries to ensure that all people in the vehicle get a decent photo.

On your Kenya wildlife safari during your game drive, you will have a mix of good, sometimes even exciting sightings and plenty of time to just appreciate the animals. The guide tells you a lot about the animals in the park. Besides animals, there is also the chance to learn about other aspects of the bush such as plants, birds, how to track animals for example how to know which animal passed on the basis of their dung among.

4 Days Kenya Wildlife Safari to Maasai Mara Game Reserve & Lake Nakuru National ParksHowever not every game drive is an impressive one, just as not every day will be the best day ever. Sometimes this is because of the weather, it may rain and you fail to see most of the animals. Sometimes you’re just not lucky!

How to enjoy your game drive in the park!

Stand through the pop up/rack for better viewing

This gives you the best of all worlds. While standing, you are high up so animal sightings are clear and good, so chances of taking the best pictures are high.

Sit in the middle of the vehicle

If you don’t want to stand while viewing animals, the best position you can sit in to view animals is in the middle. This will make your Kenya safari tour amazing.

Ask your guide as many questions as you can

The more you ask, the more you learn. Our guides have more knowledge than they can possibly share with their guests, so keep asking questions.

Have appropriate expectations

Most guides ask their clients what they want to see. Though I can understand why they do this they want to know if someone is really into birds or wildlife. This helps the guide to drive to a direction, where you can see animals of your choice. But try to have as few expectations as possible because animals are seen according to the day.

Have Patience

Our safari guide will try to make sure that everyone in the vehicle is happy. This might require staying longer at a sighting than you personally want so that everyone can get a good shot. Similarly, you may have wanted to stay longer with some animals but others are keen to see a significant sighting which may is be nearby.

Tell us what you want to do, or what you have in mind and we will send you a 100% perfect itinerary and price as well. We wish you blessed Kenya safaris.