A Kenya Wildlife Safari to Lewa Conservancy Kenya

Reticulated giraffes in Lewa conservancy

Reticulated giraffes in Lewa conservancy

A kenya safari to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is an exciting encounter as it gives you a unique opportunity to visit  this tropical paradise which is found in Kenya located in the eastern region of the African continent along geographical co-ordinates of 0.02254oN 37.4409oE. Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is located in central Kenya, Meru county, south of Isiolo town, but its north of Mount Kenya and its bordered by Leparau community conservancy in the north, II Ngwesi Community Trust in the northwest, Borana Wildlife Conservancy in the west, Ngare Ndare forest in the south and the A2 road in the east.

Attractions in Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Kenya

A safari Kenya trip to lewa conservancy puts you in a unique position to meet some of the land giants that can be found roaming the lewa downs some of the animals to meet during this Kenya wildlife safari to lewa inlcude


A Kenya wildlife tour to the Lewa Wildlife conservancy gets you a close encounter with both the black and white southern rhinos. The white southern rhino is one of the biggest land mammals on earth only falling behind the 3 extant elephant species in body mass. A white rhino can be distinctively identified basing on its large set of nostrils, it has the largest nostrils of any living animal on earth, a pair of 2 horn like structures above its muzzle like head with the front horn being way bigger with an average height of 60cm or 24in than the 2nd horn which is smaller in size. The white rhino has a yellowish brown to slaty grey body color. This rhino has a great sense of smell due to its over sized olfactory passage which are larger than its entire brain with a sole duty of giving this rhino an acute sense of smell, it also a fair sense of hearing as it has the ability to move its ears independently of each other to pick up if the slightest of sound coming from any direction. The white rhino has a stumpy foot which has 3 distinctive toes.

The body dimensions of a white rhino

Rhinos in Lewa conservancy

Rhinos in Lewa conservancy

This rhino species also has a hump on its back. The white rhino displays sexual dimorphism with males being larger than their female counterparts, males have an average body length of 3.7-4.5m or 12.1-14.8ft while females have 3.4- 3.65cm or 11.2-12.0ft in body length, males can weigh up to a staggering 2300kg on average with a superb height of 170-186cm or 5.58-6,1ft while females only weigh an average of 1700kg or 3750ib with a shoulder height of 160-177cm or 5.25-5.81ft. the rhinos are pure grazers and have a broad and straight mouth purposely for grazing. These animals live in crashes or herds of up to 14 individuals which are mostly females with their calf. These animals are highly territorial and they will mark their territories with dung mound and spraying and this is done by dominant bulls.

Reproduction among rhinos

Female white rhinos reach sexual maturity aged 6-7 years while males will attain sexual maturity aged 10-12 years. During copulation, both female and male white rhinos stay together for about 5-20 days copulating after which they go their separate ways. After a gestation period of about 16 months, a single calf is born and will be looked after by its mother who is very protective of her calf for 12 months. The rhinos naturally have no predators due to their sheer size and aggression though humans have taken on the predatorily role for rhinos.

Reticulated giraffe

You can also meet the tallest land mammal on the planet during the tour Kenya expedition to lewa conservancy as it is home to the reticulated or Somali giraffe.

Origins of the name giraffe

The giraffe can easily be identified from its long neck and legs and also from its horn like structures the ossicones. The name giraffe originated from the Arabic world who called this animal “zarafah” which means fast walker. The giraffe has dark patches of orange or chestnut or brown color and these are separated by light hairs which are usually white or cream.

Walking pattern and body dimensions

The giraffes have a unique walking pattern where as they have the ability to move both the front and hind limbs of one side of the body at once and then counter balance it by moving their long neck in the opposite direction. The adult male giraffe has an average height of 4.3-5.7m or 14.1-18.7ft and weighs in at 1192kg or 2628ib while an adult female weighs in at 828kg or 1825ib hence showing sexual dimorphism amongst giraffes. The giraffe also has a long tongue that is measured at an average of 45cm or 18in and its has a purplish black color which is believed to protect it from sunburns. Giraffes also have the ability to sleep while standing and even when they lie down, they will put their long neck on their hip. The giraffe has a gestation period of 14-15 months and can live up to 25 years in their natural habitat.

Rhinos in Lewa conservancy

Herd of wild zebras and wildebeest in the African savanna against a beautiful orange sunset. The wild nature of Tanzania. Artistic natural image.

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