Are you looking for a short Uganda wildlife safari adventure in Uganda? Come with me on this 2 days Uganda safari to the world’s most powerful waterfall, Murchison Falls National Park Uganda.

Have a preview of this 2 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari Murchison Falls National Park Uganda / 2 Days Murchison Falls Safari in Uganda

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Murchison Falls National Park is located in Uganda which is found in the East African region on the African continent on the geographical coordinates of 02o11’15”N 31o46’53”E. Murchison Falls National Park lies 305 kilometers or 5-hour drive away from Kampala capital city in northwestern Uganda in the districts of Nwoya, Masindi, Kiryandongo and Buliisa. Murchison Falls National Park is Uganda’s biggest park spanning an area of about 3,893sq kilometers. This vast expanse of conservation land is dissected by the mighty river Nile on its course to the Mediterranean Sea where it pours its waters. This led to the creation of the northern and southern banks of this national park. The existence of the Nile river in this game park is pivotal to the existence of animals as it provides a constant water source for them and it also nourishes the grass along its banks hence providing an all-year-round source of grass for browsing animals.

This Uganda wildlife safari comes with a game drive over plains of Murchison falls national park and also an epic morning hot air ballooning experience above the savanna grasslands of Murchison Falls National Park

Highlights of the 2 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari Murchison Falls National Park Uganda / 2 Days Murchison Falls Safari in Uganda

The highlight of this 2 days safari Uganda is the fantastic world wild game drive that puts you in a prime position to have an encounter with the wild game that freely roams the plains of Murchison Falls National Park and these include 4 out of 5 of Africa’s big five game


which are lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes. Other wild game you will find here include the Rothschild’s giraffes, Uganda kobs, oribi, bush backs, Jackson’s hartebeests and waterbucks. Wake up early in the morning for a hot air ballooning experience

Detailed itinerary of the 2 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari Murchison Falls National Park Uganda / 2 Days Murchison Falls Safari in Uganda

Murchison Falls National Park Uganda safari Tour 3 days

Day 1 of the 2 Days Murchison Falls Safari in Uganda: Have a nice cup of coffee to get you energized for the day head on this 1-day safari in Uganda. Pick up is done from your hotel in either Masindi or Packwach then embark on a wonderful safari to Uganda road adventure that lasts between 5-6- hours.  Although this is a long Uganda safari tour drive, it rather filled with amazing roadside. These rather unique experiences begin with tour in Uganda road trip to Murchison Falls National Park on a clear day, take time off to take a glance to the left side and marvel at that splendid sunrise that will definitely warm your spirit up. Keep your eyes in the window and glance at the lush green landscape that gives you a sneak pick what’s to come ahead. Your first stop is in Kasana at a road side market place, while here you will get a chance to meet the natives selling an array of purely organic Ugandan fruits that will definitely tantalise your taste buds to get you energised for the Uganda tours experience that awaits. If you don’t mind trying out new foods, make a second stop at Kafu junction roadside market and enjoy the taste of Uganda’s version of KFC which is roasted chicken on sticks as well roasted cassava which is a delicacy in this part of Uganda. Your final stop comes around at Kabalega Dinners for an amazing Ugandan lunch with an exotic touch to match your preferred taste to complement your tour Uganda experience. Your journey ends with your arrival at you already pre-booked lodge where you are welcomed by the friendly staff here that ensures that you are fully comfortable.

Enjoy a Nice Game Drive 

In the evening, check out of the lodge and embark on a spectacular Uganda wildlife safaris evening game drive that puts you on a course to meet some of Africa’s finest wild game. Have your eyes glued out as you might chance a site to the king of the jungle the lion as he goes about his daily rounds, also watch out for the spotted leopards that are usually found here. Don’t miss the site of the largest land mammals the African bush elephants as they browse the lands here, the stubborn cape buffaloes also traverse these plains so just keep an eye  out for them, the tallest land mammals the giraffes are also just around the corner as well as the Burchell zebras and many more such as antelopes. After about 2-3 hours of pure wild joy, return to the lodge to freshen up as you wait for dinner to be served. Relax in the cozy lounge of the lodge as chit chat away with other lodgers here and reminisce on the highlights of this amazing Uganda wildlife safaris


Day 2 of the 2 Days Murchison Falls Safari in Uganda: Wake up early in the morning and listen to the birds as they twitter to the new daybreak, this is coupled with loud interjections from other mammals that exist here. Jump into the safari van and transfer to a designated place where you will find the hot air balloon pilots in a frenzy as they try to make last-minute preparations to get the hot air balloon up and ready for you magical wild adventure in the skies over this great tropical savanna plains. After everything is done and dusted, welcome aboard on your maiden short Uganda wildlife tour hot air ballooning experience.

Enjoy your adventure to the skies

Take to the skies and enjoy a bird’s view of the flat landscape of Murchison falls park which now seems more or less like a playing field that’s filled with numerous wildlife species. This experience gives a clear sight of most of the animals even those you can have missed during the game drive you had earlier on. If it’s a clear morning, take time off and gaze at the eastern frontier and have your heart mellow at the spectacular sunrise as the sun sheers through the clouds to create a one of kind spectacle for you. Take as many photos as you can so that you can immortalize this experience forever. After 1-1.5 hours of traversing the skies above the Murchison falls national park descend back to earth and then return to the lodge. Make your way to the lodge’s restaurant and enjoy a nicely crafted breakfast with an array of freshly baked confectionaries that will definitely sort out any hunger issues there is. Climax your 2 days Uganda wildlife safari in Murchison with a check out of the lodge and start your return journey back to Kampala with a lunch stop in Masindi town.

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