Mida Creek Reserve | Popular Watamu Attractions

Mida Creek- a tidal inlet extending inland from Indian ocean into Arabuko – Sokoke forest in Kenya, is one of Watamu’s hidden gems.

Mida Creek is an extensive water tidal creek, encircled by mangrove trees lined with palms. This 32 Km2 creek features healthy beds of seagrass and corals. It also inhabits various kinds of fish and turtles. The creek also inhabits myriads of birdlife and crabs in its masses of mangroves, small streams and inlets.

The Mida Creek is also used as a stopover point by migratory birds as an essential area to their survival, it is among the best productive mangrove ecosystems in the world and it combines with Arabuko-Sokoke Forest to from a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.  The Creek features different kinds of habitats that live mainly in its mudflats, open swallow waters, tides and mangrove forests. Exploring this Creek is best done on an adventurous Canoe or boat where you can see many small inlets, and channels in the mangroves.  Experience a guided float while you are in a life vest and allow the calm and gentle currents to take you through the water and the forest and enjoy the sightseeing of the sunset and the birds as they fill the sky on their way to roosting. The wide waters in the center are amazing for waterskiing.

You will also reach a community project called the Milda Creek Conservation Community which owns a crab farm and crab shack restaurant where you will enjoy tasty crab meals.