Meru National Park In Kenya

Meru National Park-Kenya is located about 350km from Nairobi in the eastern side of Meru. It was stared in 1966 standing at an area of 870 km². Meru National Park overlaps the equator and is bisected by 13 rivers and many mountainous streams.

Meru National Park-Kenya prides of its impressive landscape ranging from woodlands at 3,400ft (1,036m) on the slopes of Nyambeni Mountain Range to open savannas marked with riverbanks and decorated with palms. Meru National park is home to a range of wild game such as the East African Lion, elephant, leopard, Cheetah, Eastern black rhinos, southern white rhinos, Grevy`s zebra and Hippopotamus among others. Th park also inhabits more than 300species of bird which include; red-necked falcon, brown-backed woodpecker, Heuglins courser, sunbirds, peter`s fin foot, inhabiting the Murera and Ura Rivers; Kingfishers, weavers, Pel`s Fishing Owl, rollers, bee-eaters, starlings among others.

Meru National Park is one of the two zones where conservationists George Adamson and Joy Adamson natured Elsa the Lioness famously known in the chart-topping book and esteemed movie ‘Born Free’. The body of Elsa the lioness was laid in the park and part of Joy`s ashes were scattered on her gravesite. Her Kopje is located on a small rocky Mughwango hill in the middle of the park. At the base of Mughwango hill is the site of George Adamson`s camp. Mughwango hill Elsa the lioness` playing ground. Below the hill are the huge herds of elephant, buffalo and giraffe that usually make their way across the savannas.

Background of Meru National Park in Kenya

Meru National Park was a raising place for Elsa the lioness by George and Joy Adamson and it is the same area where they released her back into the wild (a story eternalized in the book and film Born free). Meru park was first run by one of Kenya`s most energetic warden in 1966 when it was formed but it first suffered poaching until 1980s.

What to see in Meru National Park

Meru National Park features both natural and artificial attractions. The park is gifted with various species of flora and fauna. The landscape provides impressive views of Mount Kenya. Attractions in Meru national park include;

Wild game in Meru National Park

Wild animals in Meru National park-Kenya include; elephant, Lion, buffalo, cheetah, leopard, duiker, Dik-Dik, Lesser Kudu, giraffes, black and white rhinos, rare Grevy’s zebra, eland, Oryx, Impalas and Aquatic animals include hippo and crocodile.

Birdlife in Meru National Park

Meru National Park inhabits over 300 species of birds including; brown-backed woodpecker, red-necked falcon, Heuglin’s courser, peter`s fin foot, sunbirds, Pel`s Fishing Owl, Kingfishers, rollers, bee-eaters, weaver, starlings among others.

Elsa`s grave yard in Meru National Park

This is a TRUE story of a lion cub in transition from captivity where she was groomed to the wild where she returned with behaviors of both humans and animals to close almost impossible gap between their totally different worlds. The experience will make you believe that even wild animals can also be trusted by humans in understanding and affection. Elsa’s headstone is a story you deserve!

Plush Swamps in Meru National Park

Meru National park features big swamps like Mughwango swamp, Bwatherongi, Mulika swamp, Mururi and leopard rock swamp. These swamps are gatherings so numerous bird species and wild animals mostly in the dry season. Enjoy the breathtaking songs of birds the tall grasses and swamps.

Waterways in Meru National Park Kenya

Meru national park features up to 13 permanent rivers and various water streams like Murera, Rojowero, Ura, Kiolu, Bwatherongi.  Tana River forms its southern boundary.

Rhino Sanctuary in Meru National Park

Maru national park is one of the best places in Kenya to see wild rhinos. The park features a 48sq-km Rhino Sanctuary.  Inhabiting both black and white rhinos. The easiest way to see these rhinos is by using the Mureta gate.

What to do in Meru National Park.

Bird viewing in Meru National Park

Birdlife in Meru National Park is a real birder`s paradise inhabiting various bird species such as Ostriches, vulturine Guinea fowl, red-necked falcons, Pel`s fishing owl, the African finfoot and kingfishers such as pied and giant kingfisher.

The Meru forests and areas near waterways are good for searching flower-feeding birds, such as the smaller black-billed sunbird, and gloriously colored golden-breasted starlings among others.

Game viewing in Meru National Park

Meru National Park inhabits a wide variety of wild life species such, lion, elephants, buffaloes, cheetahs, giraffes among others. Experience the views of wild game in its natural habitat in a good pop-up four-wheel drive vehicle headed by an experienced and professional guide to appreciate the original ecosystem of the area.

Mountain climbing in Meru National Park

Meru National Park features a variety of different landscapes, like the beautiful Kilimanjaro hill. this crater is good for hiking to explore the small forest hidden inside the hill and experience 3600 scenery over the park from its rim. Experienced hikers can walk (approximately 5 Km) to the to explore Kiolu river falls well covered by the steep rock Amphitheatre, these falls are amazing.

Mountain Riding in Meru National Park

Mountain biking the paths and dusty roads of Meru national park like those surrounding river rhinos camp-through the plantations bananas, and small villages, biking here rewards you with the typical African stunning scenery and rhythms of life!

When to Visit Meru National park

January to February, June to September are dry months. Dry season is the best to visit Meru.

Getting to Meru National Park

There are two major routes to reach Meru National Park

  • Using Murera Gate – the main gate (tarmacked all over)
  • Using Ura Gate (tarmacked up to Chiakariga Market and dusty from there to the gate).

Indicative Distances

Nairobi via Embu-Ura gate-Meru National Park-Murera gate: 312 km.

Nairobi via Embu-Meru-Murera gate: 295 km.

Nairobi via Nanyuki-Meru-Murera Gate: 331 km.

Makutano (Jct Embu-Meru-Nanyuki B6 Highway & Meru-Maua C91 Highway) 70 km

Accommodation at Meru National Park-Kenya

Elsa`s Kopje Meru in Meru National Park-Kenya

Elsa’s Kopje is fashioned into Mughwango Hill, above the site of George Adamson’s original camp where he raised and released orphan lions, long before conservation became fashionable. Each cottage is crafted around the rocks, with a large bedroom, open sitting room, veranda and spacious bathroom, each with breathtaking views.

Accommodation Facilities at Elsa`s Kopje Meru in Meru National Park-Kenya

  • 6 en-suite cottage suites; 5 doubles and 1 twin / double
  • Each cottage consists of a main bedroom, en-suite bathroom (some have outdoor baths) and private deck. N.B. Cottage 3 has a private sitting room rather than deck.
  • 2 rooms can fit one extra bed, to accommodate children under the age of 16yrs.
  • 3 Honeymoon suites; Two of the suites have romantic outside baths and one suite has three levels featuring a private sitting room, main bedroom with en-suite bathroom, and a small private deck.
  • Private house consisting pf one en-suite master bedroom with dressing room, one twin bedroom, spacious dining and sitting room, a private garden and infinity swimming pool. Can fit two extra beds for children under 16yrs.
  • Provides delicious cuisine and also Caters for special diets such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc.

Rhino River Camp in Meru National Park Kenya

The luxury and uniquely designed canvas cottages of the Camp are built on wooden decks suspended among the trees of the pristine forest edging Kindani river.

Each room has its own private relaxation area where you can meditate, re-read your favorite novel, or simply unwind.

A swimming pool to dream of, a well-stocked bar and restaurant area, numerous nature trails for you to explore our private property on foot or bike, that makes your trip remarkable.

Facilities at Rhino River Camp in Meru National Park Kenya

  • Rhino River Camp has a large central public area with a bar, lounge, and a library. It has a view over the river and the whole forest.
  • The adjacent dining area is open, from early to late. With no set meal times. YOU may decide to eat in the main area or beside the swimming pool, in the privacy of the terrace of your room, or with other guests whom you like, or even in the bush! The choice is yours – every meal time.
  • A selection of gourmet delicacies with an Italian accent.
  • The swimming pool is situated next to the stream, and surrounded by comfortable wood decking.
  • An open-plan shop with tailored African items of unusual design.

iKWETA Safari Camp in Meru National Park-Kenya

iKWETA Safari camp is a small intimate safari camp opened for business in November 2011 to offer personalized service. iKWETA Safari Camp is a convenient base for exploring Mt Kenya region including the complete wilderness of Meru National Park.

iKWETA Camp comprises of 10 spacious guest tents, tastefully decorated in safari-style with high quality furnishings.

Rating; 3* (three star)

Facilities at iKWETA Safari Camp in Meru National Park-Kenya

  • 10 spacious guest tents, each with separate en-suite bathroom, modern shower and toilet and private verandah.
  • Full-board basis accommodation. Delicious cuisines prepared from fresh local produce
  • Vegetarian dishes are available
  • Large swimming pool
  • Electricity and high back-up generator
  • DStv
  • Free internet