Rift Valley Lakes & Safari Lodges

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Rift Valley Lakes and Safari Lodges

Kenya offers the true show of Africa`s Great Rift Valley which is home to some of the most dramatic scenery on earth.

The Great Rift Valley of Africa was like a wound of great rapture but this wound is remarkably healed with abundant wildlife. The Africa Rift Valley is a place featuring Great plains, brooding mountains and whispering lakes which attracts a variety of wildlife to its wonders. Some people still believed that the African Great Rift Valley is the birthplace of consciousness in mankind.

Our Historical Echoes

The mountains of the moon, Lakes of pink and plains of plenty are all part of the Great Rift Valley. This place echoes our past, our long-term memories of our evolutions rise from the deep recesses of our consciousness and send shivers through the body.

But it is also an area of spectacular beauty and this beauty is more showcased in the Kenyan Rift Valley lakes where wildlife is abundant and the bird species are incomparable.

The Great Rift Valley begins from the Arabian Peninsula down to the continent up to Southern Africa. Before entering Kenya, The Rift valley splits into the Western or Central African rift before entering Kenya and the Eastern Rift which stretches up to Kenya.

The Kenya Rift Valley lake system contains eight lakes. Six of them are alkaline and two are fresh water. The Lakes of Kenya have become famous for large flocks of flamingoes that ae found on the salty lakes where they feed on tiny Crustaceans.

The eight Lakes of Kenyan Rift Valley:

  • Lake Turkana – the largest alkaline lake in world in the furthest north of the Kenyan lakes.
  • Lake Logipi – shallow hot- soda lake in the south of lake Turkana that is fed by springs.
  • Lake Baringo – the second largest in the Rift Valley lakes of Kenya and a freshwater lake.
  • Lake Bogoria – this is a national reserve and a shallow soda lake.
  • Lake Nakuru – a national park since 1968 and a shallow soda lake
  • Lake Elmenteita – shallow soda lake
  • Lake Naivasha – the highest of all the Rift Valley lakes at 1884 m above sea level and a freshwater lake
  • Lake Magadi – located near the southern border with Tanzania and a shallow soda lake
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