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The Kisumu Museum

Kisumu Museum exhibits cultural history for the region. The Kisumu Museum is located in Kisumu-the third largest city in Kenya and a port city along the shores of Lake Victoria.  located in Kenya’s third largest city, has exhibits that include cultural history from this region. Kisumu city is found in western Kenya and it contains various attractions

Kisumu Museum is made up of many outdoor buildings, some of them containing live animals like fish from Lake Victoria and other creatures including Spitting Cobras, Mambas, Puff Adders and other Kenya venomous snakes.

There are other displays such as armaments, jewelry and farm artefacts that the people of Nyanza Province use. There are also rocks with Tara art work on them in one of the pavilions in the museum. There are many other exhibitions such as Luo Artefacts, and their Ber-gi-dala traditional homestead.

Kanam Prehistoric Site

Kanam is an archaeological site that was established in 1933 near Homa Mountain along the shores of Lake Victoria. The establishment of this site followed the Louis Leakey`s expeditions and discovery of a remain of human mandible and Pleistocene fauna and pebble tools. These paleontological bones date far between 1 and 6 million years ago

Simbi Nyaima

This is crater lake located a few kilometers from the shores of Lake Victoria. This crater has a greater historical importance to the Luo people because of its legendary story. Simbi Nyaima means a village that sank.

The Luo people say that the Simbi people were at the chief`s home celebrating their success. There came an older woman from nowhere looking for water, food and shelter. Then she was threatened and chased away by the chief. One of the women around the village felt pity on her and gave her something to eat and a warm bath. Then the strange woman who had been chased advised the charity woman to quit the village with her husband and children. As soon as this family had left the village, a very strong storm came and swept through the whole village and the village had to sank up to now.


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