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Malindi Museum | Popular Malindi Attractions

The Malindi Museum is a Tourist Information Center for Malindi Town and one of the popular Tourist attractions in Malindi Kenya.

Malindi Museum is an ancient Museum whose date of establishment is not well known but it is anticipated that this museum was built by the end of the 19th century because of the style in which it was fashioned the reflecting the era of the 19th century.

The building of this museum or the column house is a double store building and its roof is tiled. The museum is located a short distance from the fish market or Malindi jetty and this history building has served many roles at past. Before 1952, the current museum building was a native civil hospital and was once a fisheries office as well until in 1999 when it when the National Museums of Kenya took over authority of the building. The building started operating as a museum of Malindi in May 2004.

The museum building has 4 main entrances. The two eastern entrances can be accessed via a porch of 5 rounded pillars. The Gujerati 9 hands is also fitted on one of the entrances, the other entrance has a Swahili curved door. The northern façade of a masonry stairway also has an entrance. The fourth entrance is on the first floor and it is accessed through the southern front via an external wooden stair.  The Malindi Museum has temporary exhibitions.

It is a mazing and rewards a great experience to spend a half day learning about the history of Malindi where you can also visit places like the Vasco da Gama Pillar, Portuguese Chapel and Malindi Museum. What you need is to buy one ticket which allows you to enter in all the 3 places.


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