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Destination Guide Lamu Archipelago

Lamu Archipelago is located off the North Coast of Kenya in the Indian Ocean. This archipelago represents the history of the East African coast and the charisma and longevity of Swahili culture

The Lamu archipelago is one of the areas with remarkable natural beauty featuring a string of seven islands in all shapes and sizes. The archipelago is soaked in history. It is the best area for a private, tranquil and serene beach holiday. Walk through the old town of Lamu where the buildings are mad out of local materials like mangrove poles coral stones and limestone decorated with splendid curved doors. This style of strict designing originated from the Arab tradition of urban development and land distribution. Lamu town is also distinctive because of its clusters of houses divided into a number of small divisions (wards) each containing a group of buildings where closely related families live.  The archipelago has been created for over 700 years influencing the Swahili culture where you can see the blend of India, Persia and Europe permeating all over the area.

The buildings in front of the sea have internal decorations with painted ceilings and Chinese porcelain. All these mix with the wide verandahs of these buildings to welcome arriving visitors from the sea in a more welcoming and fascinating way. Lamu Archipelago is a stand-alone beach with a distinctive holiday type.

The exchange of jewelry, leather wares and beautiful cotton clothing with the traders along the narrow streets. All this make the old town of Lamu worth exploring either on your own or as part of the guided tour.

Experience the endless white sandy beaches, fascinating sunrises and sunsets. And the breeze in the palm trees nest to the blue warm ocean, sipping on an icy cocktail, this is that a hint but more to enjoy is available like watersport activities such as fishing and snorkeling at most of the resorts.

How to get to Lamu Archipelago.

The best way to access Lamu is by plane there are daily scheduled flights from the main airports of Kenya to Manda Island. If your residing in Lamu, you can take a ferry crossing the channel to the island.

Highlights and Attractions of Lamu Archipelago

  • Dhow excursions to the islands in the archipelago
  • Undertake a walking tour of Lamu town
  • Shopping for kangas and kikoys, silver jewelry and beautiful carved items
  • Snorkeling especially in the months from November and March
  • Explore the historic sites on Manda Island
  • Tour Lamu Fort
  • Lamu Museum

Things to do in the Lamu Archipelago

– relaxation at the beach, windsurfing, or Kitesurfing, undertake dhow sailing trips, snorkeling or deep-sea fishing among others.

Lamu Archipelago Accommodation

Manda Bay Island Resort – this is a small ultimate hotel situated on the north-western tip of Manda Island. Manda Bay is a luxury hotel offering accommodation in chalet cottages facing beachfront that are made of local materials, in a local coastal style.


The climate of Kenya is tropical and Lamu is near the equator, this makes the area experience warm tropical climate the breeze of the ocean makes the temperatures more favorable, they rarely go below 260C.


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