Common Malindi Attractions – Dhow Excursions.

>>>>Common Malindi Attractions – Dhow Excursions.
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Common Malindi Attractions | Dhow Excursions.

Dhow Excursion is an eccentric day activity in Malindi and it is among the top ten attractions in when vising Malindi in Kenya.

Use of local dhows to visit Malindi Marine National Park and Reserve for wonderful sunbathing and snorkeling is a great experience.

Dhows have a long history in East Africa, people would use these dhows to navigate on the Indian ocean from Arabia and India to Kenya and beyond. Dhows were basically used by the business people who used monsoon winds to trade up and down the coast.

These local dhows are made of wood and nothing like metallic at all. These dhows are still used in Malindi, Zanzibar and Lamu where more dhows are made. These dhows are made out of mangrove trees cut by craftsman (fundi) from branches to suit the required shape. To shape the frames well, the craftsman uses a piece of rebar which is bent into the required shape. Then after, they go into the mangroves to cut the branch that is close to the required shape. They also use a teak as a stronger wood from transom. Instead of using metal nails, the craftsmen use shaped trennels and dowels. If you happen to visit the beaches of Malindi or Lamu, be keen to see craftsmen sitting in the shade doing some woodwork and a structure of a new boat soon to be ready for sailing.

Most of these local dhows have been modified with modern diesel engines for safe cruising. A day of excursion can include swimming, snorkeling, dolphin spotting and lavish seafood lunches on the deck of the dhow. Relax on the romantic sunset cruise and end a perfect beach day.


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