Kakamega Forest Reserve is among the secreted charms of Kenya, with a unique intimacy. The quietness and boredom in the forest is shunned by the sounds that of songs from the forest inhabitants, birds, frogs, and the monkeys. Kakamega forest reserve in Kenya is a place of exceptional beauty that is worth an experience on your Kenya safari.  Kakamega forest reserve is believed to be the sole Guinea-Congolian tropical rain forest that is left in Kenya and it is part of the Kakamega forest system. That stretched across the central and eastern Africa.

Interesting Kenya safari facts about Kakamega Forest

Tourists that safari Kenya call this forest reserve a birder`s paradise. The forest has over 300 species of birds and 400 species of butterflies that tourists are most likely to explore during their forest walks/Nature walks in picnics within Kakamega forest reserve.

Nevertheless, there are also some important species of mammals such as squirrels, Aardvarks, porcupines, bushbucks and huge forest hogs. When you talk of primates in Kenya, then this is where they belong! Once you’re in this forest, then you have a short Kenya wildlife safari to do.

The flora of Kakamega forest reserve it itself impressing, the forest has a fig tree that is said to have lived for over 700 years. It gets its regular water supplies from the remarkable waterfalls. The forest reserve has permanent hiking trails tourists can use while hiking it. While in the forest, the only reward here is with the memorable and distinctive attractions that will leave you dreaming about other Kenya safaris.

However, Kakamega forest reserve is regarded as one of the most densely populated forest reserves in the world with the locals using the forest resources and this probably puts the reserve at a risk of extinction.  what is still helping is the Kakamega forest reserve covers a wide area approximately 230 sq. km and the truth is that, half of this area is still uninterrupted by human activity!

Various bodies have felt concerned and rose their voices from the Kenya wildlife Services and Kenya Forests Services to see that the reserve is protected. The most challenging now here is that the local people heavily depend on this forest reserve for most of the basic materials.


Am sure your visit to Kakamega Forest Reserve will collapse your memory of thinking to return to Kenya some day.