Are you on interested in an Africa safari? Do you want your Kenya tour to be an adrenaline adventure? Then Bungee jumping should be your first  Kenya safari activity on your safari Kenya. Kenya, renowned for its shorelines, brings to the table more than we might expect or can even envision! The place isn’t just an incredible site to unwind yourself. It also ensures you have a great time when it comes to indulging in adventurous activities.

It sounds exciting and dangerous at the same time doesn’t it? The first jump in Kenya is an exhilarating 60 meters dive that throws you into a frightful free-fall that will make you scream your lungs out. And when you’re done with the drop and you think that it is over, the nerve-racking bounces begin and not even the elastic cord connected to your back will save you from the distress. At the point when an individual bounce, the rope expands and the jumper flies upwards again, continuing to falter all over. You will make expressions that you never knew existed, your stomach will be in knots and you will not know how to describe what your body feels. This excitement lasts until the moment you are up again standing on your feet. There is usually a boat on the river waiting to pick up bungee jumpers.

In Kenya the place that offers bungee jumping is in Sagana on the banks of the Tana River. You only get 10-15 minutes to decide if you will jump off and after your allocated time is up you will not be allowed to jump. You will not get your money back so you had better be sure that you will do it before getting onto that platform. The minimum weight to bungee jump is 40 kg and the maximum weight is usually 105 kg (which I read somewhere might change according to the water level of the river.)

Bungee jumping in Kenya can be once in a lifetime experience, thanks to its picturesque landscapes and energetic vibes. Other adventurous activities include rock climbing, white water rafting, kayaking, camping. Kenya wildlife safaris, Kenya safaris.

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