How much space does a Gorilla group need

>>How much space does a Gorilla group need
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How much space does a gorilla group need?

The gorilla families do not mark their territories and they do not defend their territories against other gorilla families. They normally thrive in what has been termed as home ranges and the availability of food in a given locality determines the size of a home range of a given gorilla group.
If the food source is scattered, the home ranges are extended and when the area has abundance of nutritious and high quality foods, the home ranges are limited in size. The size of the gorilla family also determines the extent of the home range meaning that big gorilla families have bigger home ranges compare to smaller gorilla families. This partly determines the trekking duration for certain gorilla families.
The home range tends to range from 4 – 8km2 though the size may increase to 30km2 when the area is not fertile. Another important thing to note is that the home range of one gorilla family may overlap that one of another gorilla family.
The gorilla families tend to roam in an average distance of 0.5 – 1km depending on food availability and gorillas can further extend if interested in particular tree species that contain the food that they like. This also increases the duration of the gorilla trekking activity.


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