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Do Gorillas have enemies?

Gorillas hardly have enemies apart from humans. The singular predator that takes gorillas as its prey is leopard. Apart from human poaching threats, gorillas are prone to leopard that that prey on then the issue of the leopard has been evidenced in the Virunga Volcanoes and in Gabon where a sick young gorilla was found dead after being killed by a leopard.
After the gorillas are threatened, they react in a unique way where the silverback releases a intense smell followed by characteristic sounds. Other gorilla family members converge at a common point and give each other hugs or the surround the male. Since the Silverback is meant to protect his family, he stands between the family and the attacker. However, sometimes younger males have tried to take on this responsibility by driving the group away from the source of trouble and then attack the enemy at once.


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