Lake Naivasha National Park to a bird lover is what Masai Mara National Park is to an animal lover. It’s a glimpse of God’s colorful creations and how they co-exist. While there, you will enjoy this place that gives a bird photographer joy. This is the only opportunity you have to get close to a bird without scaring it. If you are on a boat cruise along Lake Naivasha, at times you get close to them at about 5 meters even! If you love birds, including the pigeons and crows and enjoy watching them soar, fly and glide, you must visit Lake Naivasha National Park for a Kenya birding safari. You will spend an about an hour sailing along the lake in your boat. Boat ride on the waters of Lake Naivasha is in most cases an optional activity that can be included on your itinerary as an en-route from Lake Nakuru or Masai Mara where you will take a breathtaking memorable moment.

How do you explore Lake Naivasha for a birding safari?

The answer is pretty obvious! You will definitely go for a boat cruise along the lake. This is the only opportunity for you to see and get close to the birds. Besides the birds, you will also have a glance at the healthy population of hippos that can sighted lazing in the swampy area of the lake. After your boat cruise, you can go for a walk in the park through the woods where the zebras, giraffes and water bucks are merrily snack on grass.

What should one carry for the boat safari?

Remember to take come along with a sun hat, sun glasses and sunscreen because it may be a little sunny for you. You may need to where a cotton shirt to keep cool in the heat and cover your arms to avoid a sun burn. You will need to dress in simple long trousers so that you are guarded from mosquito bites, however, it must be foldable in case you are required to wade through water. Carry with you waterproof shoes or flip flops because they may get wet as you move along the lakeside. Carry your binoculars and a zoom lens because you may have to view some species from a far. You can also enjoy a wildlife safari in Kenya during your visit to Lake Naivasha since the Lake is situated inside the park. It is very interesting to enjoy several memorable activities in one place; a Kenya wildlife safari, a birding safari in Kenya, a natural walk and a boat cruise safari.

Lake Nakuru National Park Kenya

Situated at 3 hours’ drive from Nairobi where we start and end our journey, Lake Nakuru National Park Kenya is another perfect Kenya safari destination for clients who enjoy traveling for birding safaris. A full day excursion to Lake Nakuru National Park gives you opportunity to encounter with several a number of birdlife during your Kenya birding safaris and wild animals that call this park home. As you explore this destination on your adventure, you will see many water animals such as hippos and waterbucks, and among other wildlife found in the park. If you get lucky will also be able to spot lions, leopards, giraffes, hyenas, buffalo, baboons, monkeys and gazelles during your game drive in your 4×4 land cruiser/ 4×4 van/ 4×4 minivan with an open rack giving you a good view of the park and the animals as well.

Lake Nakuru National Park is made up bushy grassland, rocky caves as well as Lake Nakuru which is one of the major reasons as to why visitors take an excursion to this park. Lake Nakuru National Park is more famous for attracting thousands of pink flamingos seen at the edges of the lake. These birds are attracted by their favorite food; Cyanophyta spirulina plantensis, a type of blue-green algae that fills the lake. In addition to the flamingos, more than 400 different bird species have been spotted in the park and it is said to be the best destination for bird sighting on earth. While in the park, you may definitely need a birding guide with you to help you identify the feathered creatures you will spot while there.

Highlight of a simple one day Kenya birding safari

  • Wake up very early in the morning, have breakfast at your hotel and be ready by 6:30am
  • You will be picked by your driver guide, transfer to the park for your morning and afternoon game drive in the park

How to enjoy this one day Lake Nakuru birding safari

Early in the morning after your breakfast at around 6:30am, you will be picked up by your Kenya safari guide from your hotel. He will give you a very short briefing about your 1-day Kenya wildlife safari tour excursion in Lake Nakuru National Park. After the short briefing, you will embark on your journey to Lake Nakuru National Park driving through the Great African Rift Valley driving for about 3 hours from Nairobi. While at the rift valley view point, your guide will stop so you can admire the breathtaking views of the escarpment. Arrive at the park, check in and start away with a game drive. At the beginning of your game drive, your driver guide will open the roof top for good views and photography during your game drive in your 4×4 safari Land cruiser. Your morning game drive will last 3-4 hours and after you will proceed for your picnic lunch or lunch at the lodge.

In the afternoon after your lunch, you will do another game drive in the park along the lake shores. While there, you may decide to get out of the car, take a walk and have a close look at animals and the birds with your guide to help you identify them by names. Later on, after exploring the park, you will proceed back to Nairobi arriving late in the afternoon dropping you off at your hotel or Airport for your flight.

Safari Packages to the above destinations

4 Days Lake Nakuru Kenya safari

5 Days Kenya wildlife to Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru & Lake Naivasha

8 Days Kenya Tanzania wildlife safari